True Friends.


This is my Ferret. His name is “Beast”
Beast became ill. Beast is unable for the most part to procure food and water for himself even if it is placed in close proximity. I have to puree his food as he is unable to deal with it on his own.
He became ill very suddenly and it kills me to see him unable to move. I have a background in health care (human) and I try to keep him going. I do the range in motion with him. I give him baths as often as he allows. You see ferrets have a strong distinctive smell to them but are very peculiar and clean in their habits. I know that he does not like to be dirty. I am so glad that he has a true friend like me and NOT like those I thought were my friends. He would have been ignored and abandoned as soon as he became sick and unable to be as expected.  Anyway I just wanted to introduce him to the world. You know he was the best hunter, Most playful, Good wrestler. A real catch. I hope he will get better. Please gang keep The Beast in your thoughts and I wish you all the fortune of having True and Real Friends.


This was a great deal for me. He lives by that towel but in months I have not seen him drink water on his own. He is so stinking cute.

I re post this to let you all know that The beast is now fully recovered and up to all his behaviours of the past. I love watching him run around and continue to be great. As I was playing with him today I came to tears of joy. If only our friends would always stand beside us. A coin, a bite, a word of support, a promise kept.

Never forget gang look for friends but start by being a true friend.

Jose G. Osuna

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Learning, Growing.

Screenshot_20170130-080623.jpgEducation is the best investment in yourself

that you can make.

Reading provides for us the busy folk the easiest

way of learning.

Learning unleashes a tremendous flow of potential

in us all. If we want to be better than we were yesterday

reading will help us make that happen.

Any topic or interest we might have is covered extensively

either in a book or a blog and all we have to do is

google it and thousands of answers will pop at us.

Reading the magical potion.

Please remember that he who does not read is in no better

place than he who can’t read.

As you start to learn and utilize the resources available

keep in mind and try to help someone else.

If you find a book that helps you try to help someone

who could as well benefit from this. Be a friend, be a true

friend and do for others before they ask. even if they don’t ask.

Jose G. Osuna